Adas Israel Synagogue Demolition Begins

The Adas Israel Synagogue began demolition Sunday.

DULUTH, Minn.-┬áDemolition of Duluth’s Adas Israel synagogue has begun.

The historic building on 3rd Street and 3rd Avenue East was the oldest Jewish Orthodox congregation in Duluth before it burned down in September.

Neighbors watched machines tear down what was left of the building.

David Lewis lived across from the synagogue for 22 years and still can’t believe it’s gone.

“It just makes me sad to see something that I thought would last forever,” Lewis said. “It’ll be a new beginning for them and sometimes new beginnings are really good.”

An Adas Israel board member told Fox 21 Sunday that right now, there are still no plans to rebuild the synagogue.

In the meantime, the congregation is continuing their worship services in a temporary location.

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