Duluth Family Helped With Pub Fundraiser After Losing House in Fire

Caddy Shack Indoor Golf and Pub hosted band concert fundraiser for family.

DULUTH, Minn.- Through a silent auction, food sales, and regular donations, eight local bands raised money at the Caddy Shack Indoor Golf and Pub, for a family who lost their home and belongings to a fire.

“We believe in the village concept,” said Caddy Shack owner Stephanie LaFleur. “And in a village you take care of everybody and your family—that doesn’t have to be blood, it has to be the people around you in your community.”

With the band rocking on stage, and kids playing foosball in the corner, it looks like a typical afternoon at the Caddy Shack.

But the bands are playing for a special purpose.

Scott Lillo organized this Fire Relief benefit to help his friends: the family of Melissa LaTour, who currently don’t have a place to live.

“They feel blessed, and they’re thankful,” Lillo said.

“The home is a total loss,” said LaTour.

LaTour and her family lost their Chester Park home one month ago to an attic fire.

“We lucked out we got everybody out including the pets,” she said. “Y’know even houseplants survived, we got those out.”

While the family made it out safely, the entire home and many of their belongings were lost to the flames.

“There were three firetrucks on site a lot of water going in and a lot of extinguishing matter going in,” said LaTour.

“Our big thing is it’s only stuff that we lost. Y’know, it’s the people that are important.”

To help Melissa’s family pick up the pieces, Lillo and the Caddy Shack invited local bands to play, while local businesses donated silent auction items.

“What we’re trying to do is raise money to help them try to establish a little bit of their life back, cause they’ve lost everything,” LaFleur said.

“Scott came together and got people, we didn’t hardly do anything, y’know, we just showed up,” said LaTour.

Their neighbor showed up too, bringing not just money, but support through a difficult time.

“It’s been great because the community heard about it, saw about it, read it, and they just acted. Came to support us,” LaTour said.

To the owner of the Caddy Shack, this should be the norm.

“You should. I mean that’s just something, how I was raised, how we all were raised, we were raised in that kinda, in the neighborhood,” said LaFleur. “The fact that you take care of the people that are down, that’s how they survive, that’s how we survive.”

That’s the example Melissa wants her own children to learn as this community helps lift them back up from hard times.

“To see that people are coming together for them to make sure that they’re taken care of is huge,” she said, as her kids play foosball behind her.

“But also turn around and return that in the future because if people are able to come together and support us we should be able to support them as well.”

Currently LaTour and her family are living in a temporary place. Their ultimate hope is to build a new house where the old one stood, because she said they love the neighborhood.

Based on the crowd gathered at the Caddy Shack, it’s safe to say the neighborhood loves them back.

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