Duluth Snow Brings Central Minnesotans Up the North Shore

Minnesotans embrace the snow and waves in Canal Park.

DULUTH, Minn.- Many Minnesotans call themselves the toughest people when it comes to gearing up for brutal winters, cold weather and major snow fall.

In fact, a handful of them are embracing it!

“I feel like if we live in Minnesota, we know it’s going to be cold, it’s going to snow and you’ve just got to get out and enjoy it and make the best of it and dress for it,” Sherri Verdon said.

Dress for the weather- That’s one of the first things you learn growing up in Minnesota Winters.

“We dressed for it, so we were prepared,” Verdon said.

Verdon and her family of four knew what they were in for a cold adventure when they drove up to visit Bentleyville.

“The kids wanted to come down and explore. Right away we head the waves and wanted to come check them out,” Verdon said.

Those waves didn’t only call Verdon and her family over.

“The sound, it’s so neat!” Doug Kaiser exclaimed. “I’m an excavator so when I see all the rocks and the dirt push up all this stuff up on the shore it’s really amazing.”

Kaiser and his wife have loved seeing Duluth snow ever since their son was in college up here.

“You always gotta hunker down when it gets bad weather like this, but my wife and I, we actually like to drive around in bad weather,” Kaiser said.

They say Lake Superior is beautiful, even when it’s angry.

“Well you either embrace it or you huddle up and stay inside,” Kaiser said.

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