Superior Fire Department Reminds People To Be Safe When Using Space Heaters

Space heaters should never run all night.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Every winter as temperatures drop, people choose to use alternative heating sources to warm up their homes.

One of those methods is the use of space heaters.

But space heaters can pose a fire risk.

The Superior Fire Department says kitchen fires are a common type of house fire, with electrical fires being number two.

When using a space heater, it’s important to make sure they are plugged directly into wall outlets.

Space heaters should never be plugged into an extension cord.

Also only run one space heater from one electrical circuit.

“If we overload our electrical sockets and pulling too much power from them, it can cause a fire not only at the circuit itself, but also the wall and the wiring,” said Battalion Chief Camron Vollbrecht.

It is recommended to put heaters in a safe space and never run them all night.

Any flammable materials or objects should be kept at least three feet away.

Also parents should keep heaters out of reach of children, as they can potentially burn themselves.

When purchasing a new heater, it is best to make sure it has an automatic power shut off, in the event the heater falls over.

The Superior Fire Department says when folks are thinking of alternative heating methods, to remember to never use an oven to heat a home.

This can create a carbon monoxide risk.

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