Denfeld High’s Maroon 16 Choir Spreads Holiday Cheer

DULUTH, Minn. – Denfeld High School’s Maroon 16 Choir is spreading holiday cheer with their voice.

The group traveled through the skywalk  on Tuesday to different businesses around downtown Duluth.

Their first stop was at the P.S. Rudie Medical Center on Superior Street.

There they sang holiday songs like as 12 days of Christmas and Silent Night.

One caroler says it brings her joy to see how the holiday tunes can touch the hearts of those watching.

“A lot of people really love it. They really enjoy it. They have smiles on their faces. They tell us how great of a job we did. For me it’s fulfilling,” said Abigail Longnaker. “I love it so much, just seeing the effect that a little bit of music can bring to everyone.”

The East High Choralaires will also sing their way through the skywalk this Thursday.

They will begin their journey at 11:30 a.m. in the lobby of Republic Bank on West Superior Street.

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