Mont Du Lac Off To Good Start This Season

Superior, Wis. – The Duluth City Council has now approved 235–thousand dollars in emergency funding to help keep Spirit Mountain operating this winter.

At nearby Mont Du Lac, the season is off to a much better start.

Mont Du Lac in Superior opened earlier than usual this year, and the resort stayed open throughout the record setting snowfall Thanksgiving weekend.

The big crowds have helped make this year a good one so far for Mont Du Lac.

The addition of more snow guns and a new standing conveyor are also getting a positive reception from resort goers.

“It allows anybody basically to get out and try skiing a little sooner. The young ones like it they don’t have to hang onto anything. And it gets more people up and down faster,” Mont Du Lac Operations Manager, Mike O’Hara says.

Mont Du Lac resort was established all the way back in 1948.

Staff members tell us a main goal is continuing to improve the resort for all seasons.


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