Cold Temperatures Can Cause Car Troubles

One of the biggest reasons a car may not start is a dead battery.

DULUTH, Minn – Waking up to a car that won’t start is a headache many face on very cold days. But by following a few tips, drivers can avoid reaching into their pockets to pay for repairs.

One of the biggest reasons a car may not start is a dead battery.

When temperatures reach zero or below a battery can lose about sixty percent of its strength.

Thickened motor oil can cause the engine to use twice as much current.

This can drain the battery even more, which can eventually keep motorists from being able to use their vehicle

“We rely on our cars. We all have to get up and get to work in the morning. We don’t want to be harped by a vehicle that doesn’t want to start,” said Allstar Service & Accessories Service Manager Gavin Aker.

To prevent a dead battery drivers can attach a car extension cord that can be plugged in to help keep a constant charge.

It is also recommended to purchase an engine block heater. This can help keep the engine warm.

Mechanics aren’t the only ones keeping up with the demand. Local tow truck drivers have been busy giving folks a jump to get those cars running.

“We are kind of getting hit with the call volume we normally get around February. When we start getting those really deep cold snaps,” said Mrs. Mac’s Tow Truck Operator Zak McClelland. “It’s non-stop and we keep going until everything is done.”

It is best to stop by your local mechanic before the cold temperatures arrive to have the battery tested. If that is not possible, it is suggested to never just let it sit and freeze. Always remember to run your vehicle to keep it warm.

The tow truck operator from Mrs. Mac’s towing says they have had many close calls, when servicing vehicles on major roads and highways.

As a friendly reminder, drivers should follow the move over law, which requires motorists to move over a lane when a tow truck or emergency response vehicles are stopped on the side of the road.

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