How to Protect Your Skin When You Can’t Avoid Extreme Cold Temperatures

Essentia experts warn Northlanders of just how quick frostbite can set in.

DULUTH, Minn.- Most people try to avoid the outdoors in the sub-zero temperatures, but there are some who have no choice but to endure the frigid cold.

Construction workers, people who don’t have a car, reporters are just some of the jobs and things that keep people outside during this time of year. But spending time outside can become hazardous when it only takes a few minutes for frostbite to set in.

“We’re already seeing really cold temperatures. We’re seeing a lot of snow and inclement weather so of course people are more at risk for car accidents, anything that might cause you to be unprepared for the weathers,” Essentia burn unit assistant head Nurse Jessie Christopherson said.

Hypothermia sets in when the body temperature drops.

Experts at Essentia say this has a direct correlation to increased risk for frostbite, something they see a lot of in the Northland.

“Listen to what your body’s saying. If you feel cold, try and pay attention to that and try and seek shelter,” Christopherson said.

But you can’t always seek shelter!

“I get a lot of phone calls from people around lake superior that want to know what the weather is doing immediately,” Rebekah Rush said.

Rebekah rush is a self-proclaimed weather expert at Lake Superior Magazine. Her job requires her to walk outside, so she knows first hand what conditions feel like.

“Obviously here in Duluth, we all know we get the lake effect and certain parts of town there isn’t a breeze then we get down here by the lake and the wind can pick up so quickly. So I always try to- I should have a hat on- but I always have my winter jacket and my mittens on because it is important to always stay really bundled up in this weather,” Rush said.

If the layers aren’t enough and you’re seeing and feeling a change, get warm water and help as soon as possible. And watch out for others outside, so that it doesn’t come to that.

“It’s just really important to watch out for each other, to maintain that sense of community and watch out for your family members, watch out for your friends. Make sure you have a buddy that knows where you’re going to be and when to expect you home,” Christopherson said.

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