Marshall School Looks To Make Education More Affordable

DULUTH, Minn. – In an effort increase enrollment, starting next year, the school will offer reduced tuition rates from grades 4-8 and frozen rates in grades 9-12.

The school will also offer guided tuition, so families with different circumstances can see exactly how much tuition will cost.

With these small class sizes, students are needed to participate in the arts and athletics.

“You can be a good student and in band and athletics. We’re small enough were we need our students to do all those things. So 90 percent of students participate in athletics. 100 percent of students participate in art,” Marshall Head Of School, Kevin Breen says.

Meanwhile, board members say this announcement also allows them to be transparent.

And hopefully, it will change the tone of how people feel towards the school

“This is really our bold statement to say, we think the conversation about Marshall needs to change. And we are so committed to that that we are doing this initiative to get peoples attention,” Marshall Board President, Dean Fox says.

Marshall students come from a wide range of schools and nine different countries.

The average graduating class is 65 students.



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