Pet Safety Tips For Frigid Temps

DULUTH, Minn. – Humans aren’t the only one who have a tough time with frigid temperatures.

Pet owners need to also be wary of how long their animals are outside.

Animal Allies says it’s important to keep your pet’s bathroom breaks and walks short outside.

They also recommend as you bundle up in boots and a coat, you can also dress your dog up the same way, especially so their bare paws don’t freeze.

If your dog still loves playing outside in the freezing weather, you should still find a way to bribe them to go back inside.

“We definitely hear about the really stubborn dogs. Our best advice is to leash them up and go out there with them and treats, treats and rewards are you best bet once you get them back in. Give them lots and praise and rewards and then hopefully they will keep going outside for you.”

Animals Allies also recommends to check your dog’s paws when you get back inside and make sure there is no salt or frost on them.

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