Pre-Checking Your Heating Sources Could Help Save Money in Frigid Temperatures

Superior Water, Light & Power recommends checking your heating sources early.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Protecting your self and your car are usually the first things we think of when temperatures drop dangerously low, but Superior Water, Light & Power says checking your furnaces and protecting your homes is just as important.

They say it’ll be cheaper to protect your heating sources now, rather than later.

People should check their furnace filters every month. Additionally, home owners should purchase carbon monoxide detectors and keep new batteries in their thermostats to avoid losing heat.

The most common reason homes lose heat in winter is having an outside meter covered in snow and ice.

“Your regulator has a vent and a great way to clear that out is a soft paintbrush. But you really want to keep that clear of ice and snow as well as any plastic venting that you have for this that exits out you home,” Superior Water, Light & Power customer service and strategic accounts supervisor Harper Briskson said.

Last year, Superior Water, Light & Power responded to more than 600 calls from customers with no heat in their homes.

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