Groomers Put In Extra Time To Get Cross Country Trails Ready

DULUTH, Minn. – Cross country skiing is a popular activity for many in the northland, but to keep these trails groomed for skiiers can be like working a full time job.

More than 40 inches of white fluff has blanketed the area over the last two weeks. For cross country skiiers that can be a great thing.

It’s also good for the Ski Hut in Duluth. Staff say business has been booming. Plenty of cross country skiiers have already stopped in to pick up some new gear.

“When we get a lot of snow things definitely pick up around here. Our customers are eager to get out and enjoy the snow Mother Nature has brought us,” said David Neustel.

But those skiiers may not be able to fully enjoy the trails if they aren’t groomed. Over the last two weeks, employees at snowflake Nordic Ski Center, have been putting in extra time to help keep the trails in good shape.

“Dozens and dozens of runs, five different guy doing the grooming. We’ve got three sleds and have put them to use,” said Manager John Graham.

Grooming the trails can take countless hours.

The manager says while its a lot of hard work for everyone, he doesn’t mind doing the job.

“If you like your work then its not work. Its a vocation. I like doing it. It’s not labor it’s something I enjoy doing,” said Graham.

One of the challenges the groomers face is the depth of the snow. Snowflake Nordic even brought in a few recreational mountain sledders to help lend a hand.

But luckily for the cross country skiiers the extra help will get them one step closer to enjoying their favorite winter past time.

“My only disappointment is that I have been so busy I havent been able to put on my skis yet,” said Graham.

Snowflake Nordic Ski Center is open daily at 8 a-m


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