Icy Roads Lead to Increased Business at Twin Ports Collision Shops

Quality Collision will be busy with vehicle repairs through April.

DULUTH, Minn.- The back and forth of snow, ice and frigid temperatures this week has done a number on some roads in the Twin Ports.

Slick and slippery conditions are usually easy to manage when the city and county spread salt on the roads, but it’s been too cold for the salt to melt the ice.

Because of this, collision shops have all hands on deck this week and probably will for the next couple of months. Icy roads have increased the number of vehicles needing repairs since the start of December.

Quality Collision in Duluth says they’ve actually been super busy since the beginning of November and it’s only gotten worse this month.

Mechanics are seeing a lot of vehicles with fender benders, cars that have been T-boned and a handful of total losses, most of which are due to people losing control of their vehicles on black ice or because drivers couldn’t see around tall snow banks.

“We get quite a few people that it’s their first accident or first time that they’ve had to make a claim, so they’re not familiar with the process and we try to help them out, walk them through that and how that all works out. It kind of runs the gamut- you get some people that are really upset, especially if it’s not their fault,” Quality Collision production manager Marty Rudh said.

Mechanics say their job fixing cars would be a lot easier if drivers would slow down.

Fast driving and bad tires are dangerous to add to icy roads.

Quality Collision mechanics hope the salt already down from earlier in the week will begin melting the ice as it warms up slightly later in the week.

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