Duluth Police Department Welcomes Their Newest K-9

Kallie is a single purpose explosives dog.

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth police department has a new, furry member of the squad.

Kallie is a black lab and the 4th addition to the department’s k-9 unit.

She’s 17 months old, a new graduate from training and the freshest face you’ll see at events all around the Northland.

Kallie is a single purpose explosives dog.

She was brought on as a bomb-sniffing k-9 for all the major events, festivals and concerts in the Northland and to monitor mass transit systems like the DTA.

“A lot of out K9s that we have right now work night shift, so it’s tough for one of the explosive K9s during the night shift to come in during the day and clear an area out, check a specific package or schools,” K9 handler Jeremy O’Connor said.

Outside of work, O’connor says Kallie is just like a normal dog.

She’s a good family addition and loves playing tug-of-war, but knows it’s time to work when the vest goes on.

Kallie won’t be the baby for long- Another furry addition will be joining the Duluth police department in February.

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