Energy Leaders Discuss What Their Companies Mean to the Twin Ports

Representatives from Husky, Enbridge, Minnesota Power, and Superior Water Light and Power held a discussion at UWS

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Leaders from energy companies in Superior are talking about how important industrial development is in the Twin Ports.

Representatives from Husky, Enbridge, Minnesota Power, and Superior Water Light and Power, say their businesses are key to protecting the environment and growing the local economy.

At a panel discussion Thursday night, they talked about their companies’ history and what they believe their success means to the Twin Ports.

The panel discussion was hosted by the group “Better in Our Backyard,” an organization that promotes industrial development in Northeastern Minnesota.

“It grows the tax base when companies like Enbridge, when companies like the Superior Refinery Company do well in Superior, so does Superior,” said Ryan Sistad, outreach coordinator for Better in Our Backyard.

Kollin Schade, General Manager of the Superior Refinery, was one of the speakers. He says he wants people to know the economic impact the refinery has in Superior.

He hopes community discussions like the one Thursday can help encourage young professionals to consider a career with Huksy.

“Over the next couple years, our age demographics at the refinery, we’re going to have some retirements coming up, so we really want to get our name out there and let people understand what a great organization we are to work for and that we’re going to be seeking employment from folks at the academic institutions that we have right here in the town,” said Schade.

He tells us progress is being made toward reopening the Superior Refinery after it was destroyed by fire in April 2018.

He hopes to have the refinery back up and operational sometime in 2021.

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