City of Duluth Proclaims Day in Local War Hero’s Honor

December 16th claimed David Wheat Day.

DULUTH, Minn.- U.S. Navy Commander David Wheat has done a lot in his life, and on Monday Duluth, the city he’s called home all his life, recognized all he’s done for our country.

From being shot down in 1965 on his first mission to Vietnam, to spending over seven years as a prisoner of war, to retiring after 20 years of patriotic service, Wheat has led an eventful military life.

He was joined by his family at City Hall as he received the proclamation from Mayor Larson.

Wheat has given numerous speeches to various organizations over the years and has been active in activities and fundraisers for local veterans.

Even after receiving the great honor from the city, his humble reputation showed.

“It’s always an honor,” Wheat said. “And it’s just, you know, I think about here I am, but I wish there were a lot of other guys that could be here as well that were, never made it.”

“I’ll do my best to promote the city.”

Wheat’s daughters joined him, flying from opposite coasts in support.

According to them, their dad deserves this and all the honors in the world.

“Growing up I don’t think we realized, I don’t know, all of his accomplishments or what he went through I don’t think,” Liz Schroeder said of her father. “It probably took me until I was an adult to realize the sacrifices he made for the country.”

“He’s very humble. And he’s just our dad.”

Commander Wheat has received countless military awards including the POW medal, the Silver Star Legion of Merit with Combat “V,” and of course the Purple Heart.

Wheat was previously recognized for his service in Duluth with a statue depicting him and acknowledging 63 others from Minnesota either missing in action, or prisoners of war in Vietnam. It resides in Duluth’s Commemorative Air Force Museum.

To top it all off, Monday was also Wheat’s birthday, so having December 16th claimed “David Wheat Day” was quite the birthday surprise.

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