Rally Calls for Council Support to Pass Ban on Conversion Therapy

Council voted 8-0 with Councilor Jay Fosle opposed.

DULUTH, Minn.- Activists, city leaders, and other members of the LGBTQ Community gathered on the ground floor of City Hall for a rally asking the City Council to vote yes on a ban on Conversion Therapy.

The council passed the ban 8-0, with Councilor Jay Fosle absent.

“Will encourage our state legislature to pass a statewide ban in 2020,” said First District Councilor Gary Anderson, about his hopes for the ordinance’s future.

“Duluth today, Minnesota tomorrow,” chanted the crowd.

According to supporters of the ban, the practice of trying to change someone’s gender or sexual orientation like a mental illness is harmful to youth trying to figure out, or just discovering their identity.

“There are youth in our community who are questioning their sexual orientation and gender identity right now and we cannot control the messages they hear in their own home, but we can control what our city tells them about them being welcome and accepted here,” said rally organizer Courtney Cochran said.

Superior and Minneapolis approved similar legislation this year.

A statewide ban was recently passed in the Minnesota House of Representatives, but was not supported by the Republican-controlled Senate.

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