Great Outdoors: Enjoying the Winter Magic at Gooseberry Falls

People come from all across the country to experience the falls.

TWO HARBORS, Minn.- While most dread seeing snow and ice here in Duluth they’re the cherry on top of the experience up at Gooseberry Falls.

The fluffy white snow and icicles inching closer to the rushing water paint a pristine winter picture.

“The sunset makes it look really nice,” said Amy Yip.

The scene makes for the perfect background to move through on skis.

“We came out to ski and take advantage of all the great snow and great trails out here at Gooseberry,” Phil Kaupa said.

The Kaupas came up all the way from Owatonna, Minnesota. And they were welcomed by some furry forest friends.

“We were probably the first ones out on part of the trail we were out on today, so it was great, besides the deer track and some other mammal, critters that were out,” said Phil’s wife, Louanne.

They’re used to Midwest winters, but for some other visitors, this is uncharted territory.

“It was actually my first time seeing snow, so, a lot of snow and I really like it,” Yip said.

All the cold stuff is foreign to Floridian Amy Yip.

“It’s a lot warmer than expected, cause I expect that I would be in a lot of like big puffy jackets but only just wearing three layers and it’s pretty warm to me,” she said.

But the snow still creates images visible once in a blue moon, for anyone.

“I think the funnest sight today was with the afternoon sun when we were out in the far eastern end of the park you can actually see Split Rock Lighthouse, y’know, with all the foliage gone,” said Phil.

The Falls create a love for the Great Outdoors you can only get from Northland winters.

“I really like the white snow,” Yip said. “‘Cause a lot of people say that snow is disgusting but it’s really, like, pretty snow here.”

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