Duluth Mayor Recaps 2019 Successes in the City

Mayor Emily Larson recaps Duluth accomplishments in 2019.

DULUTH, Minn.- For the first time ever, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson held a 2019 State of the City recap and spoke on some major accomplishments in Duluth since her speech in April.

In her 2019 State of the City, Mayor Emily Larson set what she called urgent goals to build, develop and sustain the Duluth community.

Larson recapped the city’s fight against the affordable housing crisis by highlighting the creation of Duluth’s housing developer position and the launch of the “Rebuild Duluth” program to rehabilitate and build homes over the next few years.

Larson praised the city’s devotion to hiring a diverse workforce and creating groups and positions dedicated to sustainability across the Northland.

“I get to share these accomplishments of the city because we have an amazing team. Because we have a leadership team that believes deeply in the possibilities of this community. Because we have over 800 staff who come to work willingly and sacrifice their time to keep all of us safe and healthy and well,” Larson said.

Larson admitted to one area the city was lacking- research shows there are still 1100 open childcare positions, a problem Duluth will fight through a partnership with the city’s “1200 Fund.”

The 1200 Fund Childcare Incentive Program will grant and loan $50 thousand to privately owned daycare providers in the city.

“I know there are a lot of other entities that are looking at how to solve this problem but because of our work force shortage and because this is becoming for than just a family crisis, it’s a community crisis, it’s an issue for our businesses and our business community and I think finally we are deciding to step up as a community and do good work for it,” city councilor Arik Forsman said.

Applications for the childcare incentive program open Jan. 15, 2020.

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