Chocolate Shops Remain Busy Through the Holiday Season

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s no surprise the holidays bring out the sweet tooth in a lot of people and local candy shops are busy because of it.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate factor in Canal Park has orders lined up until Christmas day.

Staff are busy preparing fudge, dipping candied apples and wrapping chocolate box sets.

The owner says candy boxes have been so popular this year, they may actually run out of inventory by the holiday.

“I love helping people find a gift. You know, they come in and they’re kind of struggling and we mention a few things- we put something together, you know? Tie a couple of boxes together with a bow and put a Santa on top. So yeah, it’s fun! Almost every body leaves pretty happy,” Debbie Bolen said.

Luckily, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop share inventory between their Canal Park and Miller Hill Mall locations, so they don’t anticipate actually running out of chocolate.

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