Essentia Health’s Valet Service Ramps Up as Winter Approaches

Essentia Health's temporary valet service may be here to stay in Duluth, even after construction.

DULUTH, Minn.- Essentia’s Vision Northland construction project in full swing.

It’s taking over parts of first street downtown, making parking and travel more complicated than normal.

Now, a valet service the hospital started to help with parking has ramped up this month and could be here to stay in Duluth, even after construction is done.

“Before if you wanted to drop someone off at the door, you’d then have to a parking lot or a parking space and then come back. This way, when you come to the curb, every one gets out, they stay together, they take care of their appointments and then they come back,” Sr. director of facilities John Vidmar said.

Essentia’s curb-side car service is the replacement for nearly 400 parking spots that went missing when the hospital’s blue ramp was taken down.

“They get to drop their car off at the door. We have guest services escort them to their location, to their appointments and then when their appointment’s over, they’re able to texts us to say, ‘I’m coming back to pick up my car,'” Vidmar said.

Guests enter on 2nd Street, through the Miller-Dwan building.

The hope is they’ll be directed by guest services through their entire visit.

“It really does create a personal experience for our guests,” Vidmar said.

Moving close to a thousand cars a week means the parkers and runners spend a lot of time out side.

So the health park valets built their very own ice hut on the curb to stay on top of things.

“We can see what’s really happening out here in the lot than we can in there, so it worked out really well for us too and it’s worked out for Essentia as well and we get to keep better tabs on what’s happening out here. It’s been a win-win, I think,” Eric Lange said.

Eric Lange is the site manager. His goal is to keep the valet service at Essentia even after construction is complete.

“It’s a way for us to take just a little bit of that stress out of the day for them. That’s why we’re here and we’re happy to do it,” Lange said.

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