Unique Gifts Can Add A Special Touch To The Holidays

TWIN PORTS – Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come by every year, but by thinking of out-of-the-box gifts, it might make the holidays even more special.

If you are looking for something unique two loons gallery and boutique in lincoln park might be the place to go.

It is a treasures paradise, when it comes to gift giving.

Everything from hand-crafted jewelry to paintings by local artists are up for grabs, which could be a great present.

“I think a unique gift sends a message that you really care about the person you are giving too and that you are seeking something different than they can get everyday of the year,” said Two Loons Owner Joel Baird.

It’s also possible to take it a step further by making a gift instead of buying one.

Pottery Burn in Superior has been busy all month with people stopping by to make custom holday presents.

The most popular items that folks are putting a special touch on were christmas ornaments and mini santa statues.

The owner of Pottery Burn says making custom gifts is always a great subsitute.

“Sometimes you get to the store and you question to yourself. I don’t know what they would like, what color do they like, or what size do they wear. This is kind of one size fit all,” said
Amanda Korhonen.

Two Loons and Pottery Burn aren’t just great places to find gifts during the holidays. Both have plenty to go around to help with gift giving all year.

There may not be much time let to buy or make a special gift.

But whatever it may be, it might be a small reminder to the ones you love the true essence of Christmas.

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