Chester Bowl Opens for the 2019-2020 Winter Season

Chester Bowl ski hill opens in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn.- Saturday was a big day for neighborhood skiers and snowboarders as Chester Bowl in Duluth opened up their snow hill just in time for those warm temperatures.

The chalet and the slopes are a home away from home for a lot of people in the Northland. The ski hill at Chester Bowl is no exception, and generations of families were thrilled to enjoy day one back at their snowy shelter.

“Really everyone’s just excited and it brings the energy to being outside, getting used to skiing and snowboarding again,” Chester Bowl director Dave Schaeffer said.

Some would call it the perfect day to slide around on skis- temps flirting with the freezing mark were an invitation for kids and families to brush the cobwebs off their winter gear and break Chester hill in.

Volunteers and workers at the park were excited to welcome back families who have been skiing at chester for decades.

“Just seeing their eyes as they come back, saying I’m here, I’m home again, I’m excited to be skiing and snowboarding- you can just tell everybody’s been looking forward to this for a long time,” Schaeffer said.

Like Greta Lammi and her friends.

“This is my seventh year skiing at Chester,” Lammi said.

Lammi says they’ve been counting down the days to get back on the hill.

“We all like going fast and doing jumps and stuff,” Lammi said.

The friends are all ski cadets, which means they’re pretty good at the sport and can teach the little kids why they love it.

“It’s just kind of cool how you can teach them if it’s their first time skiing and you’re the one that gets to take them up the hill,” Lammi said.

It’s their chance to help them make Chester Bowl their home away from home, too.

“Everyone feels like Chester Bowl’s a home to them, and that’s what we want,” Schaeffer said.

The Chester Bowl ski hill will be open through the Winter until mid-March.

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