Heatwave Brings People Out to Canal Park

Unseasonable warmth attracts families to Lakewalk in Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn.- Temperatures in the Twin Ports reached unseasonably warm highs Sunday, with Duluth heating up to 39 degrees.

And people wasted no time getting outside.

In Canal Park, the lakewalk by the Lighthouse was crawling with people enjoying the views, taking pictures, or climbing the icy rocks.

Many families were out, using this unique warmth as a chance to show their little ones the kind of views you can only experience here.

“We want her to love the outdoors, and living in Minnesota and nice to be able to experience something like this not too far from the Twin Cities,” Josh Kleindl said. He’s visiting from the Cities with his wife, daughter and friends.

“I don’t know if it’s global warming or not, but this is really nice.>

While the Twin Ports stayed in the 40s, across the Northland cities like International Falls almost reached 50 degrees. And yes, that’s during the month of December.