Northern Star: Braelyn Sathers

For this week's segment, meet a Proctor/Hermantown defender who isn't letting a slow start hold her back.

PROCTOR, Minn. – While many of the pieces have changed, senior defender Braelyn Sathers has been a consistent part of the Proctor Hermantown Mirage blue line this season.

“She’s a tall girl, she takes up a lot of space just with her size and her stick and her positioning. Every game she’s been bringing it and she’s really doing a really, really good job of just being solid and steady on the blue line,” Mirage head coach Emma Stauber said.

But unlike many of her teammates, Sathers didn’t discover hockey until later in life.

“Hockey I’ve been playing since I was about 10. I did figure skating for two years so it’s a little different. My brother, he was a goalie for Proctor and I kind of looked up to him and was like, wow it would be really cool if I could be a goalie or play hockey and so I just stared skating. It kind of just came to naturally I guess and just gradually got better to get to where I am today,” Sathers said.

While it took longer for Sathers to pick up the hockey stick, she quickly learned the game, and is now committed to playing at the college level at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

“It was kind of stressful at first. I was thinking like oh my gosh I don’t really know what to do. I’ve never really thought of what college I really wanted to go to. They’re a very competitive Division III program,” Sathers said.

Now, Sathers is able to learn from her new coach for both her senior season and the future, as Stauber was a star defender and two-time captain for the UMD women’s hockey team.

“She’s teaching us so much different hockey knowledge, she teaches us different plays, different hockey smarts, different hockey skills, different things you can do on and off the ice, and it really should help and carry into to my college career,” Sathers said.

“I’ve just been kind of teaching with the experiences that I had in college. You’ve got to be there and you’ve got to be ready and as a leader, you have to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself second, you’re taking care of your team first and making sure that you’re getting the other girls prepared and ready and focused for the games before yourself, really, and that’s what a leader has to do and she’s going to do a good job with that,” Stauber added.

But first, Sathers has the rest of her senior season to go through, and fresh off of a third place finish at state, Sathers and the rest of the Mirage have big plans for her final season.

“I mean, you’ve got to dream big, why dream small. You want to make sure that you’re doing everything right now to prepare for that and Braelyn’s been a huge part of that so far,” Stauber said.

“I’m really hoping to win a state championship, honestly. We’ve made it every single year that we’ve made it to the state tournament, it’s one place better. Last year was third place. It’d be pretty cool to make it all the way up to first,” Sathers added.

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