Young Skiers Celebrate with Santa for the Winter Solstice

Young skiers celebrate Winter solstice with Old St. Nick.

DULUTH, Minn.-┬áSaturday’s winter solstice celebration continued into Sunday at some places across the Northland.

Lester-Amity Park invited kids and families to come ski and celebrate and ski with Santa to celebrate.

“I flew in here with my reindeer and I wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to all the boys and girls who are out cross country skiing,” Santa said.

The cross country ski party on the Lester trails was Old St. Nick’s perfect wait to spend Christmas weekend.

“It’s a wonderful trail, it’s one of my favorites that I go on all around the world,” Santa said.

He made a special apperence to share his love of skiing with young kids in the Northland.

“Just getting exercise. I like both skate skiing and classic skiing and just going as fast as I can without my reindeer,” Santa said.

“It’s just a really great way to get in the woods and get fresh air and exercise,” Lester-Amity ski club board member Sarah Grenberg agreed.

But it was the really young ones who enjoyed the celebration the most.

7-year-old Brody Larson says his favorite part about this time of year is skiing.

The Lester-Amity chalet and ski trails will be open to kids and families all Winter long.

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