Denfeld Bantam Hockey Players Spend Time with Seniors for Christmas

Denfeld Bantam Boys Hockey spend Christmas week at the Benedictine Living Center.

DULUTH, Minn.- Young Denfeld hockey players got a lesson in giving their time for Christmas early Monday morning.

The Hunters Bantam A-team spent time with some of the elderly living at the Benedictine center in duluth.

“I think she’ll be happy, I hope she is, I think she’ll be in very good spirits,” Peter Smith said.

It’s the wish Denfeld Bantam goalie Peter Smith had before spending the night before Christmas Eve with his new 89-year-old friend, Rosie- for her to be happy.

“I wanted to be able to do something with the boys that would have them see the older people and what they’ve done in the world and give back to them,” Beck Imhoff said.

Hockey mom Becky Imhoff thought a visit to the senior center would be the best way for the team to spend the holiday.

“I thought it was a great idea, spending time with them. I mean, they don’t get a lot of time with people and they’re stuck in here all the time, so,” Smith said.

Two teammates were assigned to visit one resident, give them a gift and have a conversation.

And for Peter Smith the conversation was the gift, when he found out that Rosie was a Denfeld Hunter herself 70 years ago.

“I’m just grateful that I get to spend time with her, Smith said. “You don’t honestly need to bring a present, you don’t need to bring gifts. I think the most important thing is to spend time with people.”

Becky hopes the boys want to visit their senior friends again soon. She thinks keeping that relationship strong will be good for the team and the old folks they’re spending time with.

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