Duluth’s Best Bread Introduces Monthly Subscription Boxes

The First Delivery of Boxes will be Thursday, January 2

DULUTH, Minn. – Just in time for the holiday season, Duluth’s Best Bread is launching monthly subscription boxes.

“It’s like Birchbox, but with croissants instead of makeup,” said co-owner Michael Lillegard.

Duluth’s Best Bread Taste Tester Box launches new and unique baked goods into the mouths of subscribers on the first Thursday of each month starting January 2.

There are three tiers of box available.

The Bread Box offers two or three unique savory breads every month, in flavors like smoked salmon gougeres or olive bread.

The Treats Box offers two or three new desserts like homemade s’mores, Middle Eastern pastries, or a seasonal fruit tart. And the Everything Box has it all.

This isn’t just an eating opportunity, but a chance to get involved. Taste testers are encouraged to take a survey on the new items in exchange for a $5 gift card.

Each box includes fun written descriptions and history about the food.

Even the boxes themselves are entertaining, created by local artist Beau Walsh of The Cultural North.

The bakery is currently giving away the first month free for new signups, and customers can cancel any time.

Click here for more information or to order your box today!


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