St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Celebrates Birth of Christ, Birth of Church

First service ever held at St. Paul's was Christmas Day 1869.

DULUTH, Minn.- Families across the Northland began their Christmases with the evening mass Tuesday night. But one at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church marks a very special day in the church’s history.

The first service ever held at the church happened Christmas Day 1869.

So for the Christmas Eve service 150 years later, past traditions were included such as a tall Christmas tree in the church, and a dog cast as the Christmas donkey in the Paegant. The rest of the cast was filled with wide-eyed children frozen in their costumes.

According to church officials, it’s important that the current congregation honors the traditions of the past.

“It’s really been important for us to recognize our past and that helps us move into the future,” said Sue Van Oss, Director of Christian Formation. “We’re a very active growing congregation,we’re blessed to be a growing congregation, but we also wanna recognize our past and the people that built this building and built this community.”

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is credited with starting St. Luke’s Hospital, and other community outreach organizations.

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