Duluth Firefighters Celebrate Christmas

DULUTH, Minn. – “Christmas in a lot of ways is just like a normal day for us.”

The firefighters here in Duluth get to the station early- doing their normal routines- making sure the rigs are good to go.

“Our response is the exact same as any other day.”

With being away from their families, these firefighters at the Duluth Fire Department Headquarters are going the extra mile on Christmas

“Being in the fire house we try to make it as much like our own family Christmas as we can. So there’s goodies, treats everywhere in the station. You can’t walk five feet without seeing a Christmas cookie,” Duluth Firefighter Andy Olson says.

Andy Olson has been working with the fire department for about two years and had a special task this Christmas.

“Cooking is a serious responsibility. So you don’t just necessarily step into that ring until they trust that you can cook and know what you’re doing. So, actually, your first year is actually a little bit easier because you might chop some vegetables. But there’s not too much on your shoulders as far as cooking,” Olson says.

Halibut, steak, shrimp rolls and sweet potatoes were on the menu- with everyone pitching in.

“I was in charge of the sweet potato dish so we’ll see how that turns out. If it fails miserably, that’s okay. It looks good. It looks pretty in the pan right now,” Olson says.

But before some of the firefighters get to eat, the work doesn’t stop even with your second family.

“Nobody’s going hungry. There’s a lot of food. It really feels like family Christmas because with the twenty four hours we are at work, this is our family,” Olson says.

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