St. Paul Church Celebrates 150th Anniversary Of First Christmas Service

DULUTH, Minn. – St. Paul Episcopal church is one of the oldest churches in duluth. This Christmas has a very special special meaning for this church’s community.

In 1869, the church celebrated its first Christmas service.

“We have been so blessed by our ancestors for 150 years,” said Rector Bill Van Oss.

Nearly two centuries later the spirit of Christmas has remained the same.

“Christmas has its own spirit. People come to church and they sing wonderful songs, sing christmas carols. They are gathered with family. They are gathered together with their church community. There is such a marvelous spirit of celebration,” said Oss.

As part of the celebration the congregation sang songs and hymns that were sung in that very first service.

Every year the Duluth community continue to spend their Christmas morning at the St. Paul Church.

The rector says the attendance this year is a reflection of the continued dedication to the church.

“I think its wonderful for them to see themseleves a part of this legacy. They are a part of something bigger than the here and now,” said Oss.

The rector also says it is a blessing to celebrate this historic anniversary.

He hopes on this Christmas everyone will take in this message.

“My hope is everyone will experience gods love wherever they may find it,” said Oss. “That they will be shaped and formed in that love. and they will go forth to live that love each and everyday of their lives so that the world might be transformed.

2019 has been a year of celebrations for the St. Paul Church.

In October, the congregation celebrated the church’s 150 year existence in Duluth.

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