Bentleyville Wraps Up 2019 Season

DULUTH, Minn. – The ending of Bentleyville’s 2019 season was A summary of its year as a whole.

“Its been a challenging year than previous years with the weather conditions with the weather conditions we’ve had and a little bit lower in attendance than in previous years,” Bentleyville Executive Director, Nathan Bentley says.

Bentleyville was closed for three days back in early December because of the large amount of snow the Northland received following the Thanksgiving holiday.

With the snow, and the way the calendar fell spelled a short season for the light attraction.

“Our season was already three to four days shorter than previous,” Bentley says.

But the elements didn’t stop people from showing up one last time in 2019 and for some people, it was their first time.

“We just drove up for the day, my wife Julie and I. We had planned to come up a few weekends again when they had that snowstorm but it go cancelled. So this is out last effort,” Tourist, Steve Langer says.

A last effort for something the couple have been looking forward to.

“Lots of colors. the camaraderie with the people going through it. And with the snow coming down it makes for a beautiful setting,” Langer says.

Then their are the regulars, who have been coming to Bentleyville for years like Barb Martin who has been coming to Bentleyville for 15 years.

“It keeps getting bigger. I like the sameness though. Know what to expect. The cookies, Marshmallows hot chocolate and the music,” Tourist, Barb Martin says.

Capped off with a fireworks display the public beared through the elements in Bentleyville’s final night.

The tear down process is expected to get underway on Sunday, weather permitting.

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