Duluth Residents Experience The Ups and Downs Of Recent Storms

DULUTH, Minn. – For photographers, Lake Superior is a paradise- even in rough elements.

“This is the first time I’ve photographed some inclement weather like this,” Photographer, Zackary Ceeland says.

Ceeland has been a photographer for five years.

Instead of going back to the Twins Cities, he decided to stick around on Sunday.

“I’ve just gotten a few shots of the lighthouse and some big waves crashing into that. Then some big waves crashing up on shore,” Ceeland says.

Proper gear and warm clothing are something he recommends for any outdoor adventurer.

“Make sure all your stuff is waterproofed. Keep all your gear safe. I just have a trash bag over my camera to protect that,” Ceeland says.

While some people are enjoying this weather, others are downright frustrated.

“We’re doing this battle alone and we’re not getting a lot of support and help,” Park Point Resident, Cindy Hendrickson says.

Hendrickson has lived at park point on and off for 63 years and has seen an increase of flooding as of late.

“In the last two years its occurred much more frequently than throughout the rest of my lifetime,” Hendrickson says.

She and her husband have even installed a wall to stop the flooding and even Sunday’s waves brought water onto their property.

“It saturates the ground so much that the water just comes in because there’s nowhere else for the water to go,” Hendrickson says.

According to Hendrickson, over the last five years, the storms have taken almost 15 feet of shoreline.

“Every one takes a little more and a little more of our shoreline,” Hendrickson says.

She hopes that the army core of engineers will help dredge sand by their shoreline to help prevent future flooding.

“There’s not a whole lot more we can do. We’re just right here on the lake. But we the best we can to protect ourselves against the storms,” Hendrickson says.


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