Hibbing Gets First Ever Co-Working Center

HIBBING, Minn. – A new trend of using shared workspaces is rapidly growing across the U.S. Now that trend has made it’s way to the Iron Range.

A local entreprenuer has opened Hibbing’s very first co-working space called TechTank.

A co-working space is where business owners and workers can share a remote office space for convenience and affordability.

TechTank is not only a co-working space, but its also a place for like minded individuals to gain inspiration.

The space, which is nestled in downtown Hibbing, opened in August for people looking for a new place to get work done.

“We have room that have desks. We have rooms that allow differnty types of spaces to work based on what you feel like doing,” said founder Karine Woodman.

TechTank is also offers broadband internet and printing services.

Studies have shown about 1,000 co-working spaces have popped up across the U.S.

TechTank’s founder says she felt inspired to bring a big city trend to a small town.

“I just wanted to have a opportunity to have a brick and mortar that brings people together and bring a lot of additional resources to our small community that we really need,” said Woodman.

Woodman also hoped TechTank would be a place for people to get inspiration.

One member who travels to between Duluth and the Iron Range for work says TechTank is the perfect place to share ideas and information with other individuals.

“There are a lot of folks that come in with busines ideas,” said Entrepreneur Fund Loan Officer Aaron Baudeck. “Having a space like this is fantastic for an organization like ourselves being that we are trying to do the same thing.”

Daily, monthly, and yearly memberships are available.
Memberships can be purchased online for convenience.

TechTank is located on first avenue in Hibbing.

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