Eveleth-Gilbert Girls Hockey Get One-on-One Time with UMD Women’s Hockey

College players help girls brush up on skills and learn about a typical day in the life of a college athlete.

DULUTH, Minn.- Some young female hockey players from Eveleth-Gilbert got to brush up on their skills with members of the UMD Women’s Hockey Team, as a thank you from the Red Cross for their involvement in projects this year.

In November, the Eveleth-Gilbert 12U Girls Team wrote holiday cards for the Red Cross’s Holiday Mail for Heroes Project. They also decided to co-sponsor a Red Cross Blood Drive on January 22nd.

So Tuesday they were rewarded with their own one-on-one time with the college hockey players they idolize.

“It’s every little girls’ dream to play in a big stadium like this, and we were all in their shoes at one point,” said McKenzie Revering, a Junior with UMD Women’s Hockey.

The Bulldogs said helping their young hockey counterparts brought them in touch with their youth, playing hockey and looking up to the big-time college players.

“It’s just cool to, like, remember those days when you were little and were looking up. Kinda thought about our role models and it just kinda comes full circle, it’s pretty cool,” Revering said.

The Eveleth Gilbert Girls got to work on their skills through drills, and coaching from the Bulldogs. They also took them through a typical day of a college athlete.

The Girls said it helped highlight things they need to work on.

“We need to communicate more, like who gets the puck and stuff,” Natalie Bergman said. “The new drills…the four-dot drill.”

The girls also said it was fun getting the opportunity to work with college level athletes.

Some of the UMD Hockey players actually want to go into coaching and teaching themselves, so this was the perfect chance for them to help the next generation play even better than they do.

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