Some Are Rolling Into 2020 At World Of Wheels

World of Wheels is will be open new year's day from 1- 4pm.

DULUTH, Minn. – 2019 maybe almost over, but what better way than to start 2020 off than skating right into the new year.

For most people the biggest celebration is done on the dance floor on New Year’s Eve.

But taking a few laps around the World of Wheels roller rink can live up to just the amount of fun needed to welcome in a new year.

“I’m super excited. I get to be with my best friends from school,” said Reece Ramey.

Although the clock may not be set to midnight, the fun is just beginning for these kids and their families hoping to get their chance to feel like they are ringing in or rolling into 2020.

“It just feels like everyone came here to have fun on the last day of 2019,” said Ramey.

Not only was skating an option for this year’s party.

Kids participated in tons of games and activities like limbo, which helped keep the vibes going.

World of Wheels owner says although New Year’s Eve is typically a day celebrated by adults, it still important to let the youngsters let loose.

“It’s a kids holiday too. Kids know its New Year’s Eve and they just want to go out and have fun too,” said Steve Grapentin.

For at least 10 years has made sure kids had their share of fun on New Year’s Eve.

From the looks of things the fun won’t stop anytime soon.

World of Wheels is will be open new year’s day from 1- 4pm.

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