First Baby Of The Decade Delivered At St. Luke’s

"We were shocked. We assumed the New Year's baby was going to be born a little after midnight," said Jaakola.

DULUTH, Minn. Oh baby, it’s a boy!

St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth welcomed not only it’s first baby of the year but of the decade.

Baby Barrett Jaakola entered the world at 6:03 am, weighing in at a healthy 7 pounds, 13 ounces.

Having a New Year’s baby was the farthest expectation for Cloquet mom Kate Jaakola .

Baby Barrett was expected to cook in the oven for a few more days.

Kate’s original due date wasn’t until next Monday.

“He was ready and apparently he wanted the fame, I guess,” said Jaakola.

When kate found out what time her baby was born, both she and her husband could not believe their her son had earned the title of being the first baby.

“Shocked,” said Jaakola. “We were shocked. We assumed the New Year’s baby was going to be born a little after midnight.”

As surprising the timing may have been, both parents were already prepared for baby Barrett’s arrival.

“We were ready. I’m a planner. I’ve had the nursery set up and we’ve had the car seat in the car ready to go,” said Jaakola.

There is still plenty of time left for mom and baby to rest before heading back to Cloquet.

Jaakola says there is one thing already on the agenda when they get home.

“Introduce him to our puppy. Well our nine year old dog, not so much a puppy,” said Jaakola.

While their furry friend may be the original baby, Barrett is the first human child for this lucky couple.

There might be a change of pace for this new family of four, but most of all, the lucky parents are happy they will get to bring home a healthy baby.

Kate and Barrett will head home on Friday.

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