AICHO Awarded Grant for Indigenous Food Sovereignty Policy Initiative

Grant expected to help people who are food insecure and folks who want more Native American food options

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth’s American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO) has been awarded a big grant to help create an indigenous food network in the Lake Superior area.

AICHO wants to help people have sustainable access to food in the Northland. They tell us the $78,122 grant will help people who are food insecure and folks who want more native food options.

Traditional indigenous foods line shelves at the AICHO building in Downtown Duluth. Wild rice, maple syrup, and cornmeal are just some of the foods available.

AICHO staff say indigenous tribes would traditionally travel to Duluth to trade goods and foods and they want to see it become a hub again.

“The food systems that have been in place that are native, we’ve fed the world with the food systems, we’ve shared that knowledge and that food and I think that not acknowledging that and not understanding that really is a disservice to our community,” said LeAnn Littlewolf, economic development director at AICHO.

AICHO plans to open an indigenous food market in the former Fourth Street Market building in Duluth. That building is being renovated now. They hope to open the indigenous food store there sometime in late 2020.

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