North Pack Run Club Meets Monthly for Fun Runs on Lakewalk

DULUTH, Minn. – The North Pack Run Club meets about once per month at Duluth Coffee Company for a run along the lakewalk.

The group encourages anybody to run with them at their own pace and distance.

The group’s founder tells us an unspoken connection is formed when people run together.

“Even if you’re at a pace where you can’t quite talk but you have that energy that you can feed off of someone and that’s very motivating and uplifting and it helps drive you to keep going when maybe you’d slow down, but be like no, I’m going to keep up with them,” said Jessica Rossing, founder and owner of the North Pack Run Club and Movo Studio.

After the run, the group meets back at Duluth Coffee Company for beer, wine, coffee, and tea.

You can check out the Movo Studio Facebook page for more information about the running club.

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