Flag Presentation Symbolizes Relationship of Solon Springs, Fond Du Lac Band

New flag presented to Solon Springs School District.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Solon Springs School District received a very special gift from the Fond Du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. A flag was presented by the Band at an all-school assembly at Solon Springs High School.

Sponsored by the Solon Springs Educational Foundation, the event aimed to celebrate what they call the historic and continuing relationship the community of Solon Springs has with the Fond Du Lac Band.

The flag presentation included native drumming and dances by the students.

Teachers at Solon Spring’s Public Montessori School said they hope the students can get a wider perspective of all the communities represented in the area.

“I think that our students need to understand that it;s more than just the little town that we live in, that there are more history, there’s more dynamic to what makes us who we are and where we live and what our community may offer and those sort of things,” said Amanda Linden, Montessori E1 Teacher.

Meanwhile according to members of the Band, while the flag presentation is important, it’s the work afterwards that will benefit the community.

“This is just a ceremony but the real importance is is how we share between the two communities and how the folks here will understand what their connection is to Fond Du Lac, and what Fond Du Lac’s connection is to this community,” Chuck Walt said.

Fond Du Lac’s connection to Solon Springs comes from the original descendants of Chief Osaugie settling there, and ending up in the Fond Du Lac Band.

At the ceremony, the younger students got up and danced along with the drummers, showing that they’re already feeling the connection to their community’s native roots. A connection, Walt said, much older than them.

“It’s historic.”

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