Ice Fishing More Like Slush Fishing Now, Hopefully Freezing Soon

Expert says go out next week, but still be careful.

DULUTH, Minn.- The weather and temperature hasn’t been ideal for ice fishing in the Northland, but that is subject to change.

The owner of Marine General on London Road said the ice has been pretty slushy until now.

He encourages anglers to get out next week when temps are expected to drop, and all that slush is expected to refreeze.

Regardless, he wants to remind anglers to be careful.

“We gotta be careful where we go, know what you’re doing, know the lake you’re on, that’s important,” Russ Francisco said. “We have good fishing areas like the bay, the river, places like that that didn’t slush up. And that’ll be fine.”

“It’ll get better but it’s just good to be safe.”

Francisco reminds anglers to always go out with spikes and rope, and never go out fishing alone.

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