Stauber Visits Star Of The North Maternity Home

DULUTH, Minn. – Congressman Pete Stauber visited the star of the North Maternity Home in duluth to see first hand how the new non-profit is helping women in need.

The Star of the North opened its doors in June.

The program provides aid and shelter to pregnant women and new moms who are experiencing homelessness.

Congressman Stauber says the great work being done by those at star of the north is giving these moms hope.

“Being a parent for the first time can be nerve wrecking. In this home, here you can see the help that they have. They are getting their questions answered. Some are even getting their GED’s,” said Congressman Stauber.

The Star of the North board chair says she appreciates the congressman’s support.

“We’re blessed to have Congressman Stauber and Jodi, who I have been working with since the beginning on this dream. To have them here to recognize and see the work we are doing is great,” said Susan McClernon

The maternity home is all volunteer based.

Currently it costs about $180,000 to run the facility, which is paid for through private donations.