Vikings Fans Flood Grandma’s to Watch Wild Card Game

Dozens of fans cheered on the Vikes.

DULUTH, Minn.- Grandma’s Sports Garden was alive with dozens of fans as they cheered on the Vikings to win against the Saints Sunday.

Fans whooped and hollered, flooding the Sports Garden floor with purple and yellow.

Whether they were cheering wildly or groaning at some bad calls, they were all united in their love of SKOL.

“We got a lot of good fans here tonight we’re cheering on the team, very very exciting deal,” said fan Kevin Lund.

Suddenly the Vikes fumbled an important toss. “NOOO!” Lund’s cry echoed with others in the bar. Clearly the game was causing all types of feelings. “The energy is top notch here,” Lund said.

As the seconds ticked away on the clock in the fourth quarter, emotions ran high as the team inched closer to a playoff win.

For some fans. watching the game was a family affair, instilling in their kids a love of purple and yellow.

“It was her birthday Christmas Eve, she got a Build A Bear, she watched a Vikings one,” said Tim Brinkman, who’s daughter Lucy clutched her Vikings bear close as she watched the game.

“They give us a heart attack every year. Especially against the Saints but here we go, they’re leading late in the game and giving us another heart attack,” Brinkman said.

After quite a few tense moments and 15 minutes of overtime, fans at the Sports Garden got on their feet as the Vikings won.

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