Duluth City Councilors, Mayor Emily Larson Officially Sworn In

Three fresh faces to the council gave their remarks.

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth’s newly elected City Councilors, and twice-elected Mayor Emily Larson were officially sworn in at the DECC Monday.

All eyes were particularly on the three fresh new faces joining the council: Derek Medved, Janet Kennedy, and Roz Randorf.

After songs from the Duluth Denfeld Maroon 16 Choir, Duluth’s new councilors took the oath and were sworn in.

“…I will faithfully, honestly and impartially perform the duties of my office as a member of the Duluth City Council for a term expiring January 1, 2024,” they recited in unison. right hands raised.

The inauguration of Janet Kennedy for the 5th District marked the first time an African American woman has served on the city council.

“As a councilor I will be an authentic leader, I will value and honor this unique experience,” she said in her remarks. “I will advocate for transparency and fairness in all policies. Policies impact everyone differently and the more diverse our governance boards, the better decisions we will make.”

24-year-old Derek Medved spoke about those that came before him, and how he will work in the future to honor them.

“The footsteps of the ones before us say volumes about our past. But now it is about the hills and valleys ahead of us that we will forever blaze,” said Medved.

A significantly younger addition to council, Medved proclaimed his duty to the people, and how it will not be swayed. “My voice is your voice, my vote is your vote, and I can promise you that no political influence inside or outside city hall will ever change that.”

Fellow new councilor Roz Randorf echoed Kennedy’s remarks on making council affairs more transparent.

“I’m committed to giving voice to the ideas and the experiences of residents who, y’know what, they sometimes don’t feel like they have a voice in City Hall,” she said, “together we’ll increase the transparency and tackle tough issues and we’re gonna do it thoughtfully.”

Finally, rounding out the night, Mayor Emily Larson, fresh off a victory to serve a second term. reflected on what she addressed in her first go-around as Mayor. This included untested sexual assault kits, and the opioid crisis.

Then she spoke to the crowd on what she has in store for the city’s future.

“We will lead on finding solutions for affordable housing. We will lead on building innovative career pathways…We will lead on building an economy that works for everyone,” Larson said.

“We will lead.”

Unlike previous years where the inauguration was more ceremonial and the councilors would officially be sworn in at a council meeting, they were officially sworn in at the ceremony this year.

So now they can go right to work.

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