Tips to Keep Pipes from Freezing in Subzero Temps

ASP Plumbing shares how to protect your pipes from the cold.

DULUTH, Minn.- As temperatures are expected to drop below zero Tuesday night, pipes in your home are more likely to freeze, causing serious problems with your plumbing.

Plumbers at ASP Plumbing say if you have pipes close to an outside wall, you should insulate the wall and around the pipes. Covering the pipes with insulation will trap the cold air, freezing them.

Also if you have sewer lines or water lines outside, let the snow cover them to provide insulation.

“You can make sure you don’t clear the snow off because the snow will actually insulate the line,” said Caleb Wistad, Plumbing Manager for ASP. “And then if there isn’t much snow you can insulate it with straw bales or you can put lose straw over the area between your house and the connection or the septic system.”

Wistad also recommends to install a freeze alarm, which alerts you when temperatures in your house drop below a certain degree, so you can get home before your furnace may blow out.

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