The Lake Superior Zoo Welcomes A New Addition To It’s Animal Family

The 300 pound tiger comes to Duluth from the South Bend Zoo in Indiana.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Lake Superior Zoo is welcoming a new member to it’s animal family.

A new Amur tiger named Taj will now make Duluth it’s new home.

Taj arrived in Duluth last Tuesday.

Lake Superior Zoo staff members say the six-year-old tiger is already beginning to get acclimated with her new home.

Taj spends most of her time resting in her favorite spot among the cold white fluff blanketing the habitat.

The 300 pound tiger comes to Duluth from the South Bend Zoo in Indiana.

She is one of three siblings, born in march of 2013.

According to her handlers, Taj has a huge personality, which is equal to Lana the Tiger, who passed away in November from liver failure.

“We all miss Lana and we all will remember Lana,” said Director of Animal Management Dave Thompson. “amur tiger’s have been part of the zoo for several years. They are in a sense the face of the zoo.

Taj is considered a parent-reared animal, which means she was raised by her mother not by animal handlers, like Lana the Tiger.

This also means she is a little uncomfortable around people.

But handlers will continue to monitor her behavior to make sure she continues to enjoy her new life at the Lake Superior Zoo.

Zoo officials say Taj loves a little playtime with her boomer ball, but most of all enjoys making tiger snow angels.

If folks would like stop by to see Taj.

The zoo asks that you visit her from the tiger deck and not the rock viewing window, since she is not quite used to being around a lot of people.

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