Maple School District Receives Financial Boost

MAPLE, Wisc. – The Maple School district received a big financial boost today.

Lake Effect Dance Studio and American Family Insurance combined to donate $4,000 to both Northwestern Elementary School and Iron River Elementary School.

For the past two years, both teachers and students have filled out a wish list of classroom supplies they would like to have.

This donation will mean more chairs and a wider variety of electronics for the schools.

The big goal is to improve the overall student experience.

“Such as little bands for chairs so they can kick their feet against it. Or the swivel stool or a balance ball or a standing desk. Things that can help students focus,” First Grade Teacher, Andrea Guderian says.

The program, Cash for Classrooms, was started by Anna Haskins and Lori Ronchi.

They heard about the growing need for school supplies in the district.

Both say, they don’t see this program stopping any time soon.

“This is something that we want to continue to do year after year and hopefully be able to do more and more. We just hope that the teachers and the kids are taking the things that they are getting and they are being able to use it year after year. So it’s just growing with the capabilities that they have to learn,” Lake Effect Dance Owner, Anna Haskins says.

The Maple School District has about thirteen hundred students with 20 to 30 students per class in Northwestern Elementary School.

Last year the program raised $2,700.


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