Truck Damages Building, Residents Displaced

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – It was a scary scene yesterday evening in Superior after a truck crashed into a residential building on East Second Street.

The Superior Fire Department responded to the scene shortly before 5 o’clock where they found the Chevy pickup truck had severely damaged the building and multiple gas meters.

Natural gas started leaking into the building, causing an evacuation for half a block around the area while Superior Water Light and Power worked to shut off the gas.

“There wasn’t a shut off so they had to dig down into the line to get the line shut down. So it took a little longer than we wanted to. But we had the area evacuated. It was safe. We wanted to do things slow when we get there so we don’t have an issue,” Superior Battalion Chief, Camron Vollbrecht says.

The driver had minor injuries, but no one else was hurt.

Five residents can’t return back to the building right now because of the damage.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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