Swenson Family donates $1.5 to UWS Research Program

The money was given by the family who brought the concept of the program to UWS in 2012.

DULUTH, Minn. – The University of Wisconsin-Superior has accepted a $1.5 million donation to establish an endowment fund for their Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

The money was given by the Swenson Family who brought the concept of the program to UWS in 2012.

The participation has more than doubled since the program started.

The endowment ensures there will be permanent funding which will be used to continue to support community focused research projects.

“Students and the mentors who work with them are paid a stipend because the idea is to allow the students to really immerse themselves in this project so it’s a job so they don’t have to have a job or maybe more than one job as some of our students do these days,” said Julie O’Leary, the Director of Undergraduate Research at UWS.

The program also encourages the students to travel and present the results of their work at conferences.

With the help of the new endowment they can travel without worrying about the cost.

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