Union Members React To Second Day Of Strike

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s day two of the Teamsters Local 320 plow strike.

Dozens of members lined the entrance of the Saint Louis County Public Works Building since early Thursday morning.

The union wants wage increases, the option to elect their own health insurance plan and more sick leave.

We spoke with a mechanic who says, Saint Louis County roads will be in trouble if the trucks break down.

“They’re going to try plowing, but there’s no one is there to fix them. You know, as a mechanic, there’s no one in there. So they are just going to run them until they break down and limp them back and eventually they are going to run out of trucks,” Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Travis Stolp says.

Meanwhile, a county spokesperson says they have made their final offer.

A decision now rests with the workers.

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